Welcome to the Clan Home Association

For all named Home and Hume or with any link to the Clan

This is not a home page for all Scottish clans but for the Clan Home/Hume

The Association exists to promote all causes of interest to members of the Clan and its friends

We undertake the following:

  • The organisation of regular meetings and events related to Homes, Humes, their relatives and friends.
  • In particular we organise regular Clan Gatherings in Berwickshire, the corner of Scotland from which the Clan originates.
  • The exchange and provision of genealogical information with and to all Homes, Humes, and all their relatives.
  • Support for the Hume Castle Preservation Trust, our sister organisation, which owns Hume Castle, from which Homes and Humes take their name.
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Families linked to Clan Home

As well as many people who write their names variously as Home, Hume, Humes, or other possible variants such as Holmes, Hulme, and so forth, there are numerous families from the Scottish borders who have historic links with the Clan. These include those by the name of Ayton, Blackadder, Greenlaw, Greenlees, Haliburton, Paxton, Nesbitt, Trotter, and Wedderburn and related spellings. The Clan wishes to flag up its recognition of these historic links and to encourage renewed contact. Any who wish to attend the next Gathering or event will be most welcome!

History of the Clan

The Clan stems from Cospatric, Earl of Northumberland who becomes the Earl of Lothian, Lord of Dunbar Castle, who was descended from both the Kings of the Scots and the Kings of England. He settled on the Eastern Marches (border territories) of Scotland at the request of the Scottish King following the Battle of Hastings in England in 1066. From this first Cospatric descend the Earls of Dunbar.

The Clan has played an active role in the history of the Borders, Scotland, and the United Kingdom in the following 950 years, with prominent members including David Hume, the great philosopher, John Hume, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, and Alec Douglas-Home, the UK Prime Minister. A longer piece on the history of the Clan may be found by clicking on this History link. Details of reference books and other resources for researching the Clan’s history may be found in this History section.

Hume Castle

The Clan takes its name from Hume Castle in Berwickshire which was built in the Middle Ages as the principal fortification to protect Scotland from the English on the eastern side of the Borders. The Castle was surrounded by a large village, now largely disappeared, though a churchyard survives. Though the Castle was very badly damaged in the seventeenth century during the Civil Wars, a structure still exists on the site and is now in the possession of the Clan Association’s sister organisation, the Hume Castle Preservation Trust. Archaeological work is in progress on the site of the village, information on which can be found on the news section and the Castle website. The Trust’s website can be found at https://humecastle.org/