Monthly Archives: March 2018


The plans for the 2018 Clan Gathering continue to make progress. There is very exciting news about the Castle. The Hume Castle Preservation Trust, our sister organisation, has received indications of probable funding sufficient to start archaeological explorations at Hume on 10th August, the very day that the Clan propose to visit to raise our banner at our ancestors’ original home! This should make the Clan’s visit all the more exciting. As part of the arrangements for that visit, a hogroast lunch has been organised (cost £7 or £8 per head approx.) and historical reenactments will, it is hoped, be organised as well as some pipers.
Plans are also in train to hold a display of Scottish Country and Highland Dancing as part of the entertainment on the Saturday. Is there anything more spectacular and beautiful than Scottish dancing? Come and decide for yourselves…………

All welcome, whether Clan members, families with links to the Clan or just interested friends. For booking forms see link above at top of page – Gathering 2018


As well as many people who write their names variously as Home, Hume, Humes or other possible variants such as Holmes, Hulme and so forth, there are numerous families from the Scottish borders who have historic links with the Clan. These include those by the name of Ayton, Blackadder, Greenlaw, Greenlees, Haliburton,Paxton, Nesbitt, Trotter and Wedderburn and related spellings. The Clan wishes to flag up its recognition of these historic links and to encourage renewed contact. Any who wish to attend the 2018 Gathering will be most welcome!