Wedderburn Castle


Wedderburn Castle has been in the ownership of the Homes of Wedderburn since the fifteenth century. Originally a fortification, it was converted to its present form by Patrick Home, who also built Paxton House. The interior has a series of magnificent reception rooms on the first floor, with some very fine chimneys. The house was built to designs by the famous Adam brothers.

The Homes of Wedderburn, descended from a younger son of Sir Thomas Home, ancestor also of the Earl’s line, had a dramatic history in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, when, sadly, many died in battle or captivity. Sir David Home and his seven sons (‘the seven spears of Wedderburn’ as they are described in Sir Walter Scott’s ‘The Lay of the Last Ministrel’) fought at Flodden Field. Both Sir David and his eldest son were killed in the battle. The house has remained down to the present day in the possession of descendants of the original Home owners.

Wedderburn was the venue for the extremely successful 2013 Clan Home Gathering.

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