Clan Gathering 2018


For those considering attending the 2021 Gathering, here is a record of the 2018 Gathering

The 2018 Clan Home Gathering was the most ambitious to date, lasting from Tuesday 7th August until Tuesday 14th, with events in Berwickshire and Edinburgh.
Events started at Duns Castle on the evening of 7th August with a drinks party for those who had already arrived, followed by a dinner in the magnificent dining room at the Castle. Homes, Humes and related families met from different corners of the world renewing links with each other and the lands of their ancestors.
Wednesday 7th was spent visiting two outstanding Berwickshire houses: Abbotsford, the home of Sir Walter Scott, whose Haliburton grandmother had links with the Clan; Marchmont, the seat of Patrick Hume, Earl of Marchmont. Both houses have been magnificently refurbished very recently and were well worth the visit. The day ended with a fascinating discussion of the Clan genealogy.
Thursday 8th saw us join the Flodden Rideout which takes place every year as part of the Coldstream Civic Week. We were able to take part in a day of Scottish Border festivities and enjoy the magnificent view from the top of Branxton Hill. Again, we had another genealogy session in the evening.
On Friday 9th we visited Hume Castle, following a very expert talk by Dr Piers Dixon about the archaeology at the site. We were delighted to be entertained by a historical re-enactment and another archaeological talk from Dr Hill whose excavations had just started at the graveyard. We were very fortunate then to be joined by pipers and drummers from the Scottish Gunners who played for us. A hog-roast lunch was followed by a visit to the graveyard where Gos and Diana Home lead us in a memorial service to mark the centenary of the 1914-18 war. After a display of pipes and drums by the Scottish Gunners at Duns Castle, the evening concluded with a meal at the excellent Allanton Inn, except for a small party which joined revelry and dancing at the Coldstream Civic Week Dinner.
A visit to the Hirsel, the home of our Chief was the first highlight of our Saturday, with the AGM being followed by a buffet lunch and a display by the Coldstream Pipe Band, who were magnificent as always. In the evening at Wedderburn Castle, the home of the ancestors of many Humes and Homes, we enjoyed a display of Highland Dancing and more pipe and drum music from the Scottish Gunners, followed by a display of Scottish Country Dancing. This preceded our dinner in the dining room at Wedderburn and dancing of reels in the Ballroom by those who still had the energy,
Led by Ian Maitland Hume, our former convenor and expert guide, we toured Berwickshire by coach on the Sunday, visiting significant sites with Clan connections such as Coldingham, Polwarth, Hume Castle, ending at Paxton House, for a tour of the house and supper. For many, this was the end of the Gathering.
For some twenty or more of us, however, there was another element, as we moved up to Edinburgh. On the Monday afternoon we had a splendid walking tour of Edinburgh led again by Ian Maitland Hume. We proceeded down the Royal Mile from near Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace, visiting sites of interest including some of particular significance to us because of special Home connections.
The Tuesday saw a number of the Gathering visit the National Records Office to research their ancestry before ending the day with a meal at an Edinburgh restaurant culminating in a climb to Edinburgh Castle where we enjoyed the magnificent spectacle of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo – an appropriately glorious way to end a truly memorable week.

Humes at Smoky Mountain Highland Games

The Clan will be represented at this year’s Smoky Mountain Highland Games held at Maryville College. It’s on Saturday May 18th and Sunday 19th 2019.

There will be pipes and drums, highland dancing, athletics, seminars and much much more!

Check out their website and find out the listing of events and try and get there! Don’t forget to call in at the Clan tent when you arrive and introduce yourselves to the folk there.

They are looking forward to seeing you.

Smoky Mountain Highland Games Website

Hume Cemetery | Madison County, Virginia

In 2018 October, our Clan Home Membership team of Lori Vaughan and Kim Wilhite went on an adventure and located the original Hume Family cemetery on Hume Mountain in Madison County, Virginia. This is believed to be the final resting place of Emigrant George Hume (b. 1698 Wedderburn Castle, Scotland, d. 1760 Culpeper Co. Virginia) and many of his descendants. There are 3 engraved headstones and approximately 34 other graves that are identified with unmarked stones. They have received permission from the property owners to clean up the cemetery, put up a fence (in a style that the property owners are in agreeance with), and place a plaque/marker at the site. They will also be planning a commemoration ceremony after the clean-up project is complete. The hope is to have a blessing by one of the rectors of St. Georges Episcopal Church in Fredericksburg where Emigrant George was once a vestryman, along with a piper(s) to play a few tunes from the homeland. We will post more details as they are available. We may also need a few volunteers for the cleanup. The estimated costs of the fence, clean-up, plaques, church, donation, and pipers is approximately $5,000. A Go Fund Me has been set up to assist in paying for the costs of preserving this important part of our heritage. We hope that you will pitch in, if you are able, to help us to make sure that the resting place of our beloved ancestors is cared for, protected, and never again forgotten.

LIGHTING THE BORDERS | Scottish Borders Heritage Festival Opening Event


LIGHTING THE BORDERS | Scottish Borders Heritage Festival Opening Event

‘Lighting the Borders’ is a Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology Signature Event.

To open this year’s Scottish Borders Heritage Festival (#BHeritageF17) we plan to illuminate the Scottish Borders landscape with light, story, performance and song.

To re-enact the lighting of signal fires, 25+ historic sites will be illuminated across the Scottish Borders. Eleven performances that reflect our historic and cultural diversity have been programmed at a range of historic sites. We will use a variety of lighting to form a chain across the landscape at dusk on each evening. All buildings in the sequence will be colour washed or highlighted in blue for 3 nights from the 1st to 3rd September.

Follow the chain of light at these sites:  Aikwood Tower, Ayton Castle, Bowhill House, Coldstream Community Centre, Duns Castle, Duns Law, Duns Parish Church, Eyemouth Fort, Fatlips Castle, Floors Castle, Gunsgreen House, Hermitage Castle, Hume Castle, Jedburgh Abbey, Jedburgh Castle Jail, Kelso Abbey, Kelso Town Hall, Mary Queen of Scots House, Melrose Abbey, Neidpath Castle, Newark Castle, Old Parish & St Paul’s Church, Peniel Heugh, Riddell Tower, Smailholm Tower, Stobs Camp and Thirlestane Castle.



‘The Road to Pinkie’ #1 – Medieval re-enactment, Storytelling, Living History and Tour

13:00 – 21:00 Hume Castle, Hume, Greenlaw, Berwickshire, TD5 7TR

Tel: 01573 410743 | Entry:  Free (Collection for donations)

Join us at Hume Castle for a day of living history, storytelling and song!  Come and see the Kelso Laddie, Greenlaw Maid and entourage ride in on horseback to open the event at 13:00 followed by an afternoon of re-enactment and living history with the Lothian Levy to include living history camp, drill training, skirmishes and the representation of the castle’s fortunes in the Rough Wooing. See Lady Hume’s surrender on the battlements and the Hume Banner (Marchmont Standard) flaunted for the first time in many centuries! Other highlights include: Archaeological Walk and Tour with Piers Dixon, Hog Roast, Medieval Food, Smailholm Singers, Northumbrian and Scottish Pipers, Poetry, Storytelling and Music. This event is the first of three precursors to the Battle of Pinkie re-enactment.

Planning and Survey for Clan Home 2018 Gathering

Planning for the Clan Home Gathering August 2018 is under way.

The committee has proposed a plan for the Gathering including events associated with the Coldstream Civic week prior to the gathering weekend and some items associated with the Edinburgh Festival and other items that Edinburgh has to offer.

Below are two documents that we would like Home/Hume descendants, Clan Home Association members, past current and prospective to consider and to provide feedback that will help us further and or adjust planning.

It is your gathering and so we really appreciate your frank input.

The first document is a flyer outlining the gathering and the second is a survey which outlines proposed events and accommodations along with some budgetary information.

Please click on and read the following flyer.


Please click on the following survey. This will open up a PDF document (if you have not already done so you may be requested to down load a PDF reader)

This survey contains some fields in which to enter a name, some numbers in your party that you believe will or may attend and a series of check boxes to indicate those events that you may like to attend. i.e. these can be entered online within the document. (please add a note to the comments section as to how certain your attendance might be, e.g. definitely, probably, possible.

The completed form can be saved to your computer and the information you provided will be embedded within the document.  If you have the Adobe software for reading PDF files – see below – How to fill out the form! you will be offered a chance on the form to “submit” this will ask you to enter your email address and your email application and will email this back to the membership email and you will be done.
If you don’t have the software please download the form – fill it in and completed survey to

Member Survey

How to fill out the survey form!

Thank you

Clan Home Gathering 2018 – organising committee

Borders Visit & Clan Gathering 2018 Dates

In early November, Gos Home (Chairman of the HCPT) and Charles Home (CHA Convenor) spent a few days in the Borders, staying as usual at Mansefield, a brilliant B&B at the eastern end of Greenlaw, run by Pippa & Tim Culham. They are, in addition to being excellent hosts, mines of local information and their place is unreservedly recommended.

The Borders looked beautiful. Clear blue skies and autumnal trees showed the area off at its best.

The task there was twofold:

Firstly, now that the extra land to the south of Hume Castle is in Association and Trust hands, meetings had been set up with Tweed Forum, the Borders Council and Historic Environment Scotland in Edinburgh. These meetings were very positive and a path forward, towards the goal of archeological works showing parts of the original Hume village on the castle slopes, was identified.

Secondly to start planning the main locations for the Clan Gathering in August 2018. The Gathering dates have been set for the weekend of 11th and 12th of August with possible events on the Friday 10th and also Monday 13th. More details about these venues will be available once firm bookings have been confirmed. It seems a long way away, but plans have started, hopefully to make the 2018 Gathering the best yet. Some task after the huge success of the 2013 event, admittedly, but very doable.

The time spent around Hume was fast-paced and exhilarating. A wonderful reminder of how fortunate we all are to be associated with such a beautiful landscape, people and ever-intertwining story.


Hume Castle Preservation Trust buys Hume Castle Land for Archaeological research

The Hume Castle Preservation Trust has purchased a plot of land adjacent to the castle below which an aerial survey has shown the existence of buildings and walls that supported the people who lived at the castle.

Gos Home who has been leading our efforts to secure this land has provided the following information

“Plot 8 adjoins our existing 6 acres to its south and this neatly joins up the rest of the land on which stood the homes of the villagers. We now know that many of those houses still stand to an unknown height along with gardens, wells adjoining roadways or paths. The village is thought to have had a much larger population than today’s village perhaps as many as 800 compared with today at just 40.

After Cromwell’s Colonels in 1651 under Col. Fenwick destroyed Home castle as it then was and Home village it lay as ruins until the then Earl of Home sold the land to Hugh Hume, the Earl of Marchmont in 1790. He carried out a restoration of the castle as a folly and helped create today’s village of Hume. The spelling changed.

The further restoration of the Castle and the sale of land surrounding it to Clan Home took place early this century and the recent discovery by Dr Piers Dixon by using drone photography that the original village still lies beneath the grass has sparked off these exciting fresh developments. The acquisition of Plot 8 will enable proper excavation to start for the first time in 365 years.”

The next steps in progressing this project will be to secure monies to fund the excavation of this land. A long-term objective is to facilitate an information and education centre where visitors to the Castle can learn about the Castle, the families that owned and worked the area and the various historical events surround live in those earlier times.

Below is a parcel boundary map showing the location of parcel 8.

An aerial view of the Castle can be accessed via




Clan Home At Grandfather Mountain Games – July 7 through 10, 2016

Clan Home members are encouraged to attend the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in Linnville, North Carolina, USA:

The Highland Games themselves are something to be witnessed and enjoyed by Scotland lovers everywhere, in a mountain-surrounded setting that will surely conjure up memories of the Highlands. But members and associates of the Home Clan worldwide will want to attend this event to foster interaction between the Home/Hume family lines from around the world. Please plan to attend the games if you will be in the area and enjoy the time with other Clan Home members!!

This will be both fun and rewarding:

If you are a Home/Hume family member, or associate (i.e. related to a Home/Hume by marriage or in some other way) we strongly urge you to attend this gathering to help cement the ties between Homes/Humes in the United States, Scotland and around the world; you will be able to march in the Parade of Tartans to show off the Home/Hume Tartan and most of all simply enjoy yourself.


Main page of the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games website:

Events Schedule for weekend of Thursday, July 7th through Sunday, July 10th

Ticket Order Form