Welcome to the Clan Home Association

For all named Home and Hume or with any link to the Clan

The Association exists to promote all causes of interest to members of the Clan and its friends

We undertake the following:

  • The organisation of regular meetings and events related to Homes, Humes, their relatives and friends.
  • In particular we organise regular Clan Gatherings in Berwickshire, the corner of Scotland from which the Clan originates.
  • The exchange and provision of genealogical information with and to all Homes, Humes and all their relatives.
  • Support for the Hume Castle Preservation Trust, our sister organisation, which owns Hume Castle, from which Homes and Humes take their name.

Joint CHA-CHS Meeting Scheduled At Grandfather Mountain Games – July 9 through 12, 2015

Here is something new and interesting! For the past many years the Clan Home Association (CHA) in the UK and the Clan Home Society (CHS) in the US[1], two organizations  set up to support and perpetuate Hume family interests, have operated in parallel but separately, and with too little interaction with each other. Following the unique and historic Gathering in September 2013 of the CHA in the Border Counties in Scotland, a seminal Home event timed to join the celebration Continue Reading ››

Royal Commission Survey at Hume Castle

The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland has indicated that it is minded to undertake a survey at Hume. This follows a meeting with Hume Castle Trustees in November at which we explained our plans to put more information panels at the site to help visitors make greater sense of what they see. We hope the results of the survey will enable us to make a visit to the Castle truly fascinating.

Future Plans – South Africa and the United States

Two foreign visits are planned for the Association in 2015. First, we intend to visit the Humes in South Africa, meeting them near Port Elizabeth this spring. Second, we plan a trip across the Atlantic to join the Clan Home Society at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina on the occasion of the Highland Games and Gathering of Scottish Clans on 9th-12th July. We are unsure how many members can be accommodated in South Africa but any member of the Association Continue Reading ››

Clan Home Association Gathering 2013

The 2013 Gathering of the Clan Home took place over the period 6th-9th September. It was a great success, with over 120 attending. Typical comments from attendees were ‘brilliant’ and ‘magnificent’. A particularly welcome feature of the event was the presence of large contingents from other countries around the world, including the United States and South Africa. Others came from Canada, New Zealand, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland among other places. Some wore their own (non-Scottish) national dress at times!


The Association enjoyed a splendid visit to the Scottish Gunners in their barracks at Tidworth on 27 June 2014. We were given an extremely interesting series of presentations by the men and women of the regiment explaining how they operate. For many of us this included a chance to climb inside one of the guns! A delicious lunch in the Officers’ Mess was rounded off by a performance of pipes and drums. A useful discussion among Association members then followed Continue Reading ››

Hume Castle

Members of the Association will be interested to know that developments are afoot at Hume Castle. It is possible we may be able to obtain a building to house a Visitor Centre. Plans are also in train to improve visitor information at the site. We are also examining the possibility of an archaeological investigation on the site.

Great News for our Clan Chief


The Earl of Home, our Clan Chief, has been honoured by Her Majesty the Queen with the award of the Knighthood of the Thistle, Scotland’s highest Order of Chivalry. The Earl will be formally installed at a service in the Chapel of the Order in St. Giles Cathedral late in June. He is the fourth successive generation of his family to receive this honour, as his father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all so honoured in earlier years.

A day at the Society of Genealogists – researching the history of the Clan

A group of the Association’s members visited the Society of Genealogists on May 17. We saw a number of interesting documents relating to Clan members. It is definitely worth a visit. Among other points of interest, we established that Oliver Wendell Holmes (father and son of course) were reportedly descended from Homes/Humes. So, as well as these distinguished American connections, we can claim Sherlock as a (fictional) member of the Clan!

Diamond Jubilee Beacon at Hume Castle

Hume CVastle Beacon

On June 4th 2012 at 10.15 pm our chief, the Earl of Home, lit the beacon on top of the observation platform of the castle.   It was a fine evening and a crowd of some 200 people had gathered for the occasion.   The beacon itself was a gas beacon supplied by the firm which provided beacons all over the UK.   In all over 4000 beacons were lit, many of them being bonfires, from 10 pm onwards, until HM the Queen Continue Reading ››