Membership Levels

(Note: to renew you should be logged into the site with your user_id/email and then click Join.)

We have 4 membership levels – Individual and Couple paid yearly. Or Individual and Couple Lifetime membership.

A couple (considered as two individual memberships) which is maintained via a single contact. So when joining the primary contact should provide their own information and add the spouse/partner name and contact email if available, in the family section and we will create a second individual membership.

Existing family memberships should now change to the couples subscription, adding their children as youth (free) members if they are 17 or under and encouraging them to join as individuals if aged 18 or over.

Level Price  
Clan Home - Individual £15.00 per Year. Select
Clan Home - Couple £25.00 per Year. Select
Lifetime - Individual £300.00 now. Select
Lifetime - Couple £500.00 now. Select

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