Members Area

All members to wish to access the Clan Forums please follow these initial instructions:

You may wish to print these instructions out

  1. Click on Clan Forums
  2. When you see the Access Restricted page, click sign in
  3. Enter the username and password issued to you on joining and click Remember Me (but not when you are on a public computer such as in a library)
  4. Your first page will be your Association Profile page. Please ensure it is up to date and completed as fully as possible.
  5. Hover your mouse over the house icon of The Clan Home Association near the top left corner and click Visit Site
  6. Once back on site, hover mouse over Members Area and click Clan Forums
  7. For subsequent visits you will not need to follow this procedure as long as you have clicked Remember Me.

This rather strange way to get to the forums is due to security and the need to stop spam and other malware