Family Tree

In the 800 years since the first Home/Hume appeared on the scene the family has grown substantially. Homes and Humes have made their mark in all walks of life and in most of the countries around the world. The task of cataloging such a vast and spreading family tree is immense.

Initially we will concentrate on the direct line of the Earls of Home (in the form of scanned pdf documents available to download) but aim to progressively grow this to encompass all branches of the clan and family. This will be a long term project and we will be calling on the expertise and knowledge of clan and family members far and wide to provide information about their particular branch.

Two strands of work are underway: the Home/Hume Genealogy tree and the One Name Family Tree.

Home/Hume Genealogy Tree

This is the original genealogy database of the Home/Hume family. Sources for this database are histories, manuscripts, periodicals and genealogies from many Home/Hume contributors over the years from every corner of the world.

Click here for the new-look Home/Hume Genealogy Tree

If you would like to be involved in this process we would welcome your input but would suggest that this will be quite a serious undertaking as we will require several generations worth of information and historical accuracy.

To send us your Home/Hume family ancestry, please download and complete this Genealogy Questionnaire

If you would like to discuss this further or to send us your questionnaires, please do not hesitate to contact us at

One Name Family Tree

We are building a One Name Family Tree on, the genealogy website. A number of Hume /Home family historians are adding their branches to the tree which is growing fast.

Our aim is for all members of the Clan Home Association to have their branches on the site and, if possible, we can link up branches. Find out how to become part of this project by emailing

You do not need to be a member of the Ancestry website to take part in this project.