Clan Home Website Goes Interactive

We’re pleased to announce our new Clan Forums. They can be found in the Members Area section and will not be accessible to non-members. Instructions can be found on the Members Area page. Association Membership Secretary Peter Clareburt states “Our Facebook group is very active, but there are many members not using social media, so this is an ideal way to replicate FB’s interaction”

The forums all have the ability of uploading images, movies and even sound files as well as text, so we encourage all members to use this medium. We just require you to keep it relevant!

The security measures are unfortunately necessary due to the nature of forums and the malicious “bots” that trawl these plugins. Long time FB contributor and Forum Moderator, David Hume explained “[Having restrictions] will avoid a lot of spamming, and trolls just waiting to create mischief. Example, entries to the Clan McIntosh genealogy forum were suspended due to spam.” Other Clans don’t have forums for this reason.

If you are not yet a member, please decide to join and visit the Membership page.

See you on there!

John Hume’s Rhino Horn Debate

John Hume, the world’s largest private rhino breeder and a pioneering advocate for legalising horn trade, will be debating whether this trade should be legalised with Born Free Foundation President, Will Travers.
This crucial debate will take place on Wednesday 3rd August at 7pm at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, 21 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4BS
You can buy tickets for the event, at £10 each, from
the Ticket Office

John Hume is a South African property developer who at the age of 50 became a pioneer in establishing the world’s largest private rhino breeding operation. In the past 24 years he has bred 944 rhinos and spent $100 million dollars of his own funds to save the rhino for future generations.
John is guardian to 1,400 rhinos following his dream to help create a better future for their survival. His ambition is to breed 200 rhinos a year to prevent the extinction of this endangered African specie.
As a passionate pro-rhino activist, John calls for an end of the war on trade in rhino horn that has only resulted in illegal trade and killing of rhinos and also people in Africa. He advocates for legalisation of trade in rhino horn – a renewable product – to help create harmony between African people and their natural
heritage. http://www.rhinoalive.com