May 2021    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Mary SMITH   Doris COUCH   Alexander HOME, of Manderston   Daniel Henry DEVANEY, III   Rebecca   John PATTERSON   Sallie PATTERSON   Priscilla COLVIN   Sophia HUME   Christian YOUNG   Roxanne BREEN   John Charles POOLE   Orville E FRANKLIN   Cecil Noel HUME   Ephraim SMITH   Oscar LINN   William SPENCER   James TROWBRIDGE   Joseph TROWBRIDGE   John NEWTON   Sarah CLARK   Ann Elizabeth CREE   Laverne Josephine Margaret ALB...   John Jackson HUME, Sr.   William Maurice LILLARD   Kate Helena GARDNER   Elizabeth CARRICK   Herbert POLE   Lowell C. KUYKENDALL   Lucille JANSEN   Herbert HUME   Walter Herbert HUMES   Ilda TERHUNE   Floyd Milton HUMES   Cloah F. THORN   Hattie Augusta HUMES   Gladys HUMES   Vere L. HUMES   Clyde Thomas JONES   Cyrus PROUTY   Marion Francis HUMES   Florence WORTH   Wayne Eugene HUME   Claire Mahle RANKIN   Howard A. HUMES   Muriel Daphne MOORE   Clarence C. HUMES   Gladys Irene WOOLSTRUM   John HUME   Ernest HUME   George Lamb HUME   Gilbert Rex HUME   George Edward HUME   Myron Kinney HUME   Francis Alison HUME   William DOUGLAS, 1st Earl of D...   Andrew PORTER   George HOME   Maria Elizabeth CORKUM   Elizabeth Price GRIMES   Margaret HUME   Alexander HOME   Jessie Robertson SCOTT   Lancelot FORSTER   Andrew Hamilton HUME   Robert HUMES   Moses HUMES   Mary A. HUMES   Jane   Laura May FORSTER   Alexander HOME   Robert Russell COOPER   Charlotte Sophia SCOTT   Gordon Herbert SURRIDGE   Quintus R. HUME   Norman Lyman HUMES   Thomas DANCE   Helen Wallace GORHAM   Louis   Cooper BARBARA ANN   Paul H. WEHMER   Violet Christine HOME   Charles Douglas HOME   Herbert POLE   John J. HUME   George SINCLAIR, 6th Earl of C...   Genevieve Grace BIALUCHA   Abraham G. ELLIS   Jefferson C. HYATT   John B HIGDON   Ossie G REID   Joseph Sylvestor BIDWELL   Marie SCHWARTZ   Malissa OSBOURNE   Mabel May MARTIN   Margaret BOARDMAN   Lucy E POOLE   Rufus CORNETT   Mary Ann ROBERTS   Minnie A POOLE   Clarence L POOLE   John Charles POOLE   Josiah Fowler CLARK   Thomas Joseph MCCORMACK   Mary CAMP   Samuel MORRIS   Frances   Jessie H. MCCORMACK   John WILSON   Margaret Ellen MARSHALL   Harry C. HUME   Clarence C. TORBET   Kate Helena GARDNER   Kathleen Mary WALLS   Hannah Maria HOME   Mary Lavinia Stewart KEITH   Sarah E. HUMES   Florence McNeill HUMES   John WELLS   Sydney POORE   Estella WHITNEY   Lela Marie FORD   Laura Cornelia HUME   Irene PAULEY   Nellie May LOUDERBOUGH   Delle VISE   Daisy CARTMEL   Sarah Jane RUBERTS   Julie T. CREWS   Charles Sumner DUDLEY   John Hudson DINGMAN   Annie WHITE   Mazie N. HUME   Jennie Ellen THATCHER   Jennie Maude HUMES   Eaton B. MARSHALL   George H. HUMES   Sarah Louise COOK   Abby BLISS   Francis HUMES   George B. MARVIN   Floyd HUME   Harry S. HUMES   Leona M. HUMES   M. Pearl HUMES   James A. HUMES   Georgia E. HUMES   Esther A. HUMES   Emile LORIAUX   Antoine LORIAUX   Mary Jane DUFFY   Claudia DELMOTTE   Obaidah Higbee PHILLIPS   William Daniel HUME   Eliza HUMES   Sally Ann Rube KIELER   Walter HUMES   William HUMES   Adaline C. HUMES   Adam HUME   William HUME   Willie R. HUMES   Mary E. WILLIAMS   Myrtle HUMES   Kemper "Buster" HUMES   George HUMES   Fannie HUMES   Adeline HUMES   Anna BRANFORD   Rebecca   Harold HOME   Madaline HUME   Charles E. HUME   Rachel Alice TRUAX   Addie HUME   Nellie HUME   Frances Arthur HUME   Mae HUME   Josephina Maria HUME   Josephine P. HUME   Matthew W. HUME   Elizabeth Price GRIMES   Samuel HUME   Harriet BARKER   John Sebring HUMES   Susan L. HAMMOND   Inez HUMES   John HUME   Mary Lee HUME   Arthur Chester HUME   John M. HUME   Elizabeth K.   Anna Belle   May W. HUME   Martha HUMES   W Russell HUME   Virginia Isabelle HUMES   Walker HUME   James J. HUME   Gertrude M. HUME   Harriette   William KATZER   Christine May HUME   Walter Preston HUME   Margaret B. RENWICK   Louis   Thomas HUME   Dorothy Helena I. HOME   Geoffrey Wyville HOME   Vera Maud WILKINS   Elizabeth J. HOME   Margaret Frances HOME   Shirley HUME   Carl HUME   Gustav Adolf LOHSE   Renaldo Renaldina LOHSE   Minnie RAINEY   George RAINEY   Alice Jane TURNER   George Dalrymple WILLIAMS   Archibald Frederick J PEARCE   Joseph ROGERS / Elizabeth CLAR...   Floyd BALDWIN / Emma Kathryn H...   Alexander Charles HOME / Marga...   Charles George HOME / Kate Hel...   Robert BRUCE, 2nd Lord of Anna...   Reverend Herbert POLE / Vera R...   George HUME / Ellen TOWNLEY-PA...   Thomas HUME / Jane PATTERSON   Lloyd Cooley HUME / Ruth Anna ...   Nathaniel Dalrymple HOME / Mar...   Charles Edwin WILKINS / Clara ...   Charles Douglas HOME / Maria P...