Spencer County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GALLION, Ada  Spencer County, Kentucky I51460
2 HUME, Amanda Catherine  27 Aug 1915Spencer County, Kentucky I42108
3 HUME, Anna Wood  17 Nov 1918Spencer County, Kentucky I42128
4 HUME, Benjamin Jefferson  17 Jun 1913Spencer County, Kentucky I42107
5 HUME, Chester  22 Jun 1884Spencer County, Kentucky I42124
6 HUME, Cornelius  16 Jul 1854Spencer County, Kentucky I22164
7 HUME, Emmett  10 Mar 1919Spencer County, Kentucky I42110
8 HUME, George Lewis  25 Dec 1851Spencer County, Kentucky I22163
9 HUME, George Lewis  17 Dec 1898Spencer County, Kentucky I42103
10 HUME, Gwendolyn Coleen  30 Dec 1933Spencer County, Kentucky I42130
11 HUME, Hubert Marion  4 Apr 1903Spencer County, Kentucky I42105
12 HUME, James Oliver  4 Oct 1917Spencer County, Kentucky I42085
13 HUME, James William Sr.  29 Apr 1875Spencer County, Kentucky I42096
14 HUME, John Francis  11 Jun 1901Spencer County, Kentucky I42104
15 HUME, John Francis  2 Sep 1935Spencer County, Kentucky I42119
16 HUME, Dr. Joseph Squires Jr.  26 Aug 1857Spencer County, Kentucky I22155
17 HUME, Dr. Lewis Nicholas  18 Dec 1853Spencer County, Kentucky I22176
18 HUME, Martha Ella  28 Mar 1917Spencer County, Kentucky I42109
19 HUME, Mary Belle  20 Jan 1900Spencer County, Kentucky I42090
20 HUME, Mary Earlene  2 Oct 1912Spencer County, Kentucky I42127
21 HUME, Nellie  May 1861Spencer County, Kentucky I42244
22 HUME, Ophir Lee  24 Nov 1909Spencer County, Kentucky I42126
23 HUME, Raymond  22 Apr 1918Spencer County, Kentucky I51461
24 HUME, Dr. Waverley McGee  18 Jun 1860Spencer County, Kentucky I22156
25 HUMES, Everett  16 Nov 1919Spencer County, Kentucky I54394
26 NEWMAN, Katherine Matilda  24 Nov 1848Spencer County, Kentucky I6715
27 NEWMAN, Mary Elizabeth  18 Dec 1846Spencer County, Kentucky I6713
28 SCOTT, Thomas J  Abt 1828Spencer County, Kentucky I10657
29 SNIDER, Amanda Catherine  3 Mar 1875Spencer County, Kentucky I42099
30 TRUAX, Rachel Alice  May 1860Spencer County, Kentucky I42133


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HUME, Amanda Catherine  18 Jun 1984Spencer County, Kentucky I42108
2 HUME, Chester  2 Nov 1964Spencer County, Kentucky I42124
3 HUME, Emmett  10 Mar 1919Spencer County, Kentucky I42110
4 HUME, Enoch McGee  4 Jun 1858Spencer County, Kentucky I42231
5 HUME, John Francis  2 May 1855Spencer County, Kentucky I3614
6 HUME, John Francis  11 Aug 1933Spencer County, Kentucky I42095
7 HUME, John Francis  15 Aug 1983Spencer County, Kentucky I42104
8 HUME, Rev. Lewis  22 May 1888Spencer County, Kentucky I3610
9 HUME, Mary Earlene  23 Apr 1916Spencer County, Kentucky I42127
10 HUME, Raymond  12 Feb 1919Spencer County, Kentucky I51461
11 KERRICK, Benjamin H  1838Spencer County, Kentucky I14538
12 KIRBY, Elizabeth  Aft 26 Jun 1820Spencer County, Kentucky I8168
13 MCGEE, Lamira Douglas  22 May 1886Spencer County, Kentucky I3617


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HUME, Cornelius  16 Jul 1854Spencer County, Kentucky I22164
2 HUME, James William Sr.  29 Apr 1875Spencer County, Kentucky I42096


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CRAFTON, Sarah Frances  1920Spencer County, Kentucky I42101
2 GALLION, Eula V.  6 Jan 1920Spencer County, Kentucky I54388
3 HUME, Amanda Catherine  1920Spencer County, Kentucky I42108
4 HUME, Annie Elizabeth  1920Spencer County, Kentucky I42106
5 HUME, Benjamin Jefferson  1920Spencer County, Kentucky I42107
6 HUME, Celia Minerva  28 Sep 1850Spencer County, Kentucky I22169
7 HUME, Celia Minerva  11 Jul 1860Spencer County, Kentucky I22169
8 HUME, Chester  4 Jun 1900Spencer County, Kentucky I42124
9 HUME, Cornelius  4 Jun 1900Spencer County, Kentucky I22164
10 HUME, Cornelius  27 Apr 1910Spencer County, Kentucky I22164
11 HUME, Cornelius  14 Jan 1920Spencer County, Kentucky I22164
12 HUME, Dr. Edgar Enoch  28 Sep 1850Spencer County, Kentucky I22168
13 HUME, Dr. Edgar Enoch  11 Jul 1860Spencer County, Kentucky I22168
14 HUME, George Lewis  1920Spencer County, Kentucky I42103
15 HUME, George Louis  1920Spencer County, Kentucky I42094
16 HUME, Hubert Marion  1920Spencer County, Kentucky I42105
17 HUME, James Oliver  1920Spencer County, Kentucky I42085
18 HUME, John Francis  17 Aug 1850Spencer County, Kentucky I3614
19 HUME, John Francis  1920Spencer County, Kentucky I42095
20 HUME, John Francis  1920Spencer County, Kentucky I42104
21 HUME, Dr. Joseph Squires Jr.  11 Jul 1860Spencer County, Kentucky I22155
22 HUME, Lee  4 Jun 1900Spencer County, Kentucky I42134
23 HUME, Lee  27 Apr 1910Spencer County, Kentucky I42134
24 HUME, Lee  14 Jan 1920Spencer County, Kentucky I42134
25 HUME, Rev. Lewis  28 Sep 1850Spencer County, Kentucky I3610
26 HUME, Rev. Lewis  11 Jul 1860Spencer County, Kentucky I3610
27 HUME, Rev. Lewis  18 Jul 1870Spencer County, Kentucky I3610
28 HUME, Rev. Lewis  11 Jun 1880Spencer County, Kentucky I3610
29 HUME, Dr. Lewis Nicholas  11 Jul 1860Spencer County, Kentucky I22176
30 HUME, Dr. Lewis Nicholas  18 Jul 1870Spencer County, Kentucky I22176
31 HUME, Margaret Ella  1920Spencer County, Kentucky I42093
32 HUME, Martha Ella  1920Spencer County, Kentucky I42109
33 HUME, Mary Lizzie  4 Jun 1900Spencer County, Kentucky I42087
34 HUME, Mary Lizzie  27 Apr 1910Spencer County, Kentucky I42087
35 HUME, Oliver  1920Spencer County, Kentucky I42098
36 HUMES, Everett  6 Jan 1920Spencer County, Kentucky I54394
37 HUMES, John W.  6 Jan 1920Spencer County, Kentucky I54381
38 MCGEE, Lamira Douglas  28 Sep 1850Spencer County, Kentucky I3617
39 MCGEE, Lamira Douglas  11 Jul 1860Spencer County, Kentucky I3617
40 MCGEE, Lamira Douglas  18 Jul 1870Spencer County, Kentucky I3617
41 MCGEE, Lamira Douglas  11 Jun 1880Spencer County, Kentucky I3617
42 MCGEE, Sarah Ann  11 Jul 1860Spencer County, Kentucky I3618
43 SNIDER, Amanda Catherine  1920Spencer County, Kentucky I42099
44 SNYDER, Mary Ellen  17 Aug 1850Spencer County, Kentucky I3620
45 TRUAX, Rachel Alice  4 Jun 1900Spencer County, Kentucky I42133
46 TRUAX, Rachel Alice  14 Jan 1920Spencer County, Kentucky I42133


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 HUME, Emmett  10 Mar 1919Spencer County, Kentucky I42110
2 HUME, Mary Earlene  23 Apr 1916Spencer County, Kentucky I42127
3 HUME, Raymond  12 Feb 1919Spencer County, Kentucky I51461


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / DODDS  Abt 1840Spencer County, Kentucky F2646
2 / GRAHAM  25 Jan 1842Spencer County, Kentucky F2547
3 HUME / MARTIN  4 Jun 1891Spencer County, Kentucky F15815
4 HUME / SNYDER  28 Feb 1850Spencer County, Kentucky F1584
5 NEWMAN /   28 Aug 1832Spencer County, Kentucky F2658
6 SCOTT /   7 Nov 1854Spencer County, Kentucky F4047
7 STANBERRY /   14 Oct 1875Spencer County, Kentucky F3238