Berwickshire, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARSS, Margaret  1840Berwickshire, Scotland I57707
2 COMMON, Isabella  12 Jun 1823Berwickshire, Scotland I45259
3 DE BLAKADAR, John  1240Berwickshire, Scotland I42042
4 DICKSON, Alison  Abt 1792Berwickshire, Scotland I54437
5 DOUGLAS, Alicia  Berwickshire, Scotland I1376
6 HOME, Alicia  1417Berwickshire, Scotland I41946
7 HOME, Erskine Sandelands  1834Berwickshire, Scotland I54428
8 HOME, Sir Patrick 1st Baronet of Lumsden  Abt 1650Berwickshire, Scotland I1349
9 HOME, Robert  1660Berwickshire, Scotland I22959
10 HOME, Sir Thomas  1355Berwickshire, Scotland I1377
11 HUME, Agnes  1814Berwickshire, Scotland I43803
12 HUME, Barbara  Abt 1667Berwickshire, Scotland I47655
13 HUME, George Hilson  1879Berwickshire, Scotland I57706
14 HUME, James  16 Mar 1828Berwickshire, Scotland I45258
15 KIRKPATRICK, Daniel  1775Berwickshire, Scotland I1414
16 PURVES, John  17 Dec 1738Berwickshire, Scotland I23102


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLACKADDER, Sir Robert  1469Berwickshire, Scotland I42038
2 CARSS, Margaret  15 Jan 1913Berwickshire, Scotland I57707
3 COMMON, Isabella  22 Jan 1866Berwickshire, Scotland I45259
4 DE BLAKADAR, Sir Walter  1333Berwickshire, Scotland I42041
5 HOME, Sir Patrick 1st Baronet of Lumsden  Feb 1723Berwickshire, Scotland I1349
6 HUME, George Hilson  20 Jan 1929Berwickshire, Scotland I57706
7 HUME, Isabella Common  20 Aug 1855Berwickshire, Scotland I45261
8 HUME, James  2 Feb 1903Berwickshire, Scotland I45258
9 HUME, Janet Irvine  19 Nov 1873Berwickshire, Scotland I45262
10 LAMBTON, Lady Lillian Mary  26 Sep 1966Berwickshire, Scotland I42016
11 MILNE-HOME, David William  27 Jul 1918Berwickshire, Scotland I4961


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 FAIR, Margaret  Berwickshire, Scotland I49839
2 HOME, George  Berwickshire, Scotland I44557
3 HOME, James  Berwickshire, Scotland I44561
4 HOME, James  Berwickshire, Scotland I49838
5 HOME, James Bertram  Berwickshire, Scotland I44567
6 HOME, James Shepherd  Berwickshire, Scotland I44566
7 HOME, John  Berwickshire, Scotland I49837
8 HOME, William  Berwickshire, Scotland I49840
9 MASON, Robina Alexis  Berwickshire, Scotland I49842
10 SHEPHERD, Jane  Berwickshire, Scotland I44565


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HOME / FORMAN  1492Berwickshire, Scotland F16259
2 HUME / MARTIN  1504Berwickshire, Scotland F16279