Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HUME, Agnes  16 Jan 1829Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40625
2 HUME, Alexander  4 Sep 1824Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40623
3 HUME, Alexander  10 Dec 1847Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I58060
4 HUME, Andrew  25 Oct 1850Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I58061
5 HUME, George  20 Apr 1816Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40620
6 HUME, Jane  13 May 1833Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40626
7 HUME, John  19 Sep 1819Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40622
8 HUME, Mary  12 Nov 1817Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40621
9 HUME, William  4 Sep 1814Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40619


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 HUME, Agnes  16 Feb 1829Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40625
2 HUME, Alexander  24 Sep 1824Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40623
3 HUME, David  14 Dec 1826Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40624
4 HUME, George  13 May 1816Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40620
5 HUME, Jane  4 Jun 1833Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40626
6 HUME, John  8 Oct 1819Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40622
7 HUME, Mary  19 Dec 1817Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40621
8 HUME, William  18 Sep 1814Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40619


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HUME, Alexander  6 Oct 1864Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40609
2 HUME, Alexander  8 Oct 1864Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54708
3 HUME, John  19 Sep 1821Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40622
4 HUME, Peter  15 Mar 1870Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I58053
5 MIDDLEMISS, Alison  2 Nov 1885Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54706
6 THOMSON, Alison  31 May 1873Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I40618
7 WILSON, Isabella  22 May 1846Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54703


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HUME, Agnes  Feb 1866Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54712
2 HUME, Alexander  Jun 1847Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54704
3 HUME, Alexander  Oct 1864Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54708
4 HUME, Alexander  May 1912Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54705
5 HUME, Alison  Aug 1821Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54711
6 HUME, John  Sep 1819Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54710
7 HUME, Joseph  Feb 1852Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54707
8 HUME, Mary Jane Herriot  Dec 1914Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54713
9 HUME, Peter  Mar 1870Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54701
10 MIDDLEMISS, Alison  Nov 1885Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54706
11 REDDEN, Margaret  Feb 1830Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54702
12 THOMPSON, Alison  Jun 1873Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54709
13 WILSON, Isabella  May 1846Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54703


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 HUME, Agnes  Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54712
2 HUME, Alexander  Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54704
3 HUME, Alexander  Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54705
4 HUME, Alexander  Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54708
5 HUME, Alison  Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54711
6 HUME, John  Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54710
7 HUME, Joseph  Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54707
8 HUME, Mary Jane Herriot  Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54713
9 HUME, Peter  Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54701
10 MIDDLEMISS, Alison  Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54706
11 REDDEN, Margaret  Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54702
12 THOMPSON, Alison  Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54709
13 WILSON, Isabella  Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland I54703


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FAIRBAIRN / HUME  16 Dec 1845Whitsome, Berwickshire, Scotland F15310