Tappan, Rockland Co, NY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DEMAREST, Annatje  Abt 13 Feb 1730Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I18079
2 ECKERSON, Abraham  2 Mar 1747Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I16800
3 ECKERSON, Anatye  7 Dec 1776Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I17480
4 ECKERSON, Catarina  11 Dec 1716Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I16973
5 ECKERSON, Chrestiena  19 Jul 1734Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I16982
6 ECKERSON, Cornelis  18 Nov 1736Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I16983
7 ECKERSON, Eduwaert  Abt 26 Jun 1711Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I16970
8 ECKERSON, Elisabeth  19 Jan 1750Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I16987
9 ECKERSON, Helena  31 Jan 1718Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I16974
10 ECKERSON, Ide  15 Dec 1739Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I16984
11 ECKERSON, Jacob T.  6 Jan 1740Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I17450
12 ECKERSON, Jacobus  6 Nov 1787Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I17471
13 ECKERSON, Jakob  2 Sep 1715Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I16972
14 ECKERSON, Jan  18 Nov 1735Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I17448
15 ECKERSON, Jan  5 Jun 1742Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I16985
16 ECKERSON, Sara  31 Aug 1713Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I16971
17 ECKERSON, Thomas  26 Dec 1744Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I16986
18 ECKERSON, Welmpie  19 Feb 1732Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I16981
19 MEYER, Elisabeth  27 Jan 1714Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I16812
20 WESTERVELT, Sara  12 Feb 1728Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I17970


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLAAEUWVELDT, Huybert Gerretse  Bef 7 Jun 1704Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I17628
2 ECKERSON, Cornelis  Aft 12 Dec 1736Tappan, Rockland Co, NY I16813


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ECKERSON / MEYER  Tappan, Rockland Co, NY F6174
2 ECKERSON / WESTERVELT  Tappan, Rockland Co, NY F6079