Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ



Latitude: 40.8859325, Longitude: -74.0434736


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALIEE, Abraham  Abt 27 Jul 1727Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I17991
2 ALIEE, Elena  Abt 25 Jan 1719Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I17987
3 ALIEE, Jacob  Abt 12 Jun 1699Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I17995
4 ALIEE, Johannis  Abt 5 Feb 1721Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I17988
5 ALIEE, Maritie  Abt 5 Nov 1704Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I17996
6 ALIEE, Peter  Abt 1685Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I16849
7 ALIEE, Rachel  Abt 17 Feb 1723Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I17989
8 ALIEE, Susanna  Abt 10 Mar 1694Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I17994
9 ALYEA, Sufia  Abt 25 Jan 1767Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I17984
10 ALYEA, Trientje  Abt 24 Nov 1754Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I16759
11 BROUWER, Marytje  19 Nov 1721Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I16803
12 DEMAREST, Christian  Abt 21 Apr 1717Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18074
13 DEMAREST, Daniel  Abt 25 Mar 1706Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18095
14 DEMAREST, David S.  Abt 3 Oct 1681Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I16832
15 DEMAREST, Elizabeth  3 Apr 1715Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18071
16 DEMAREST, Jacob  Abt 13 Aug 1721Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18077
17 DEMAREST, Jacomina  Abt 1686Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18087
18 DEMAREST, Joost  Abt 9 Nov 1710Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18072
19 DEMAREST, Judith  Abt 1690Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18088
20 DEMAREST, Maria  Abt 4 Jan 1713Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I16827
21 DEMAREST, Peter  Abt 1695Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18090
22 DEMAREST, Peter  Abt 27 Sep 1719Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18075
23 DEMAREST, Rachel  Abt 12 Jan 1701Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18093
24 DEMAREST, Rachel  Abt 11 Sep 1726Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18076
25 DEMAREST, Samuel  Abt 1693Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18089
26 DEMAREST, Samuel  Abt 1 Feb 1707Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18070
27 DEMAREST, Sara  Abt 14 Feb 1697Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18091
28 DEMAREST, Sara  Abt 30 Jan 1724Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18078
29 DEMAREST, Simon  Abt 21 May 1699Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18092
30 DEMAREST, Susanna  Abt 18 Apr 1703Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18094
31 HYMER, Catarina  Abt 8 Feb 1761Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I16847
32 VAN BUSKIRK, Jan  Abt 1 Jul 1694Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I16763
33 VAN VOORHEES, Albert  Abt 27 Aug 1704Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18008
34 VAN VOORHEES, Isaac  Abt 1 Aug 1708Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18010
35 VAN VOORHEES, Jacobus  Abt 29 Sep 1700Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18006
36 VAN VOORHEES, Lucas  Abt 26 Feb 1699Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18005
37 VAN VOORHEES, Margriete Alberse  1695Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I16850
38 VAN VOORHEES, Petrus  Abt 3 Nov 1706Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18009
39 VAN VOORHEES, Rachel  Abt 4 Oct 1702Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18007
40 VAN VOORHEES, Willem  Abt 10 Mar 1694Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I18004
41 WESTERVELT, Elena  Abt 14 Aug 1715Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I17967
42 WESTERVELT, Gerrit  Abt 7 Jan 1722Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I17969
43 WESTERVELT, Hillena  Abt 29 Oct 1710Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I17965
44 WESTERVELT, Jacobus  Abt 7 Sep 1712Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I17966
45 WESTERVELT, Jan  Abt 27 Mar 1686Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I16804
46 WESTERVELT, Marritje  12 Jul 1719Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I17968


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ECKERSON, Edward T.  25 Feb 1828Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I16758
2 LAROE, Jacques  Bef 2 Sep 1730Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I17998
3 VAN BUSKIRK, Laurens Andriessen  13 Jul 1694Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I16767
4 VAN VOORHEES, Margriete Alberse  1764Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I16850
5 VAN WESTERVELT, Lubbert Lubbertsen  Aft 1686Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I16808
6 WESTERVELT, Lubbert  Abt 1694Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ I16806


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DEMAREST / LAURENS  20 Dec 1702Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ F6589
2 VAN DER LINDE / CRESSON  25 Apr 1702Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ F6592