September 2020    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Elizabeth I, Queen of England   Lydia HERRICK   Almeda Dekalb PEGRAM   Orey L. SMITH   John W. ROBINSON   Martha L. BROWN   Frenchie Lee HYATT   Martha BARNES   John I. LINN   Clyde O. LINN   William L. HUME   William WITHINTON   Myrtle Elizabeth ALVEY   Albertus J SPALDING   Wiley M CORNETT   Wiley Ellis POOLE   Susanna MILES   Nathan SMITH   Lydia BRINTNELL   Clayton HAINES   Mary Margaret COLLIN   Hannah S. BROOKS   Thomas HALE   Richard BUSHNELL   John WILSON   Elizabeth BALDWIN   David ACKERMAN   William Harley HUME   Caleb E. HUME   George Lewis HUME   Myrtle W. HUME   Louise Belle HUMES   Crystal Louise HUMES   Lola A. BRITTAIN   Sarah HINKLE   Harriet Eliza HUME   Charles Joseph Freeman HUME   Bert SHEPARD   Sarah Huldah HUME   Eunice Katherine LOUDERBOUGH   Jack Edwin HOME   William"Isham" HUME   Mary Ann SEELEY   Frederica F. HUME   Marilyn HUMES   Martha Mabel BRAMAN   George HUMES   Lela HUMES   James W. EMERY   Jane Anne DANIELS   Ida HUMES   Melissa HUMES   Ray K. HUMES   Lucy Phelps SPAULDING   Alice T. MCPHERSON   Bessie Blanche HUMES   Rosetta A. HUMES   Harrison J. BATCHELOR   Sarah HUMES   Ernest E HUMES   Olive B. HUTCHINSON   Cassie May HUME   Nettie J. HUME   Martha Lev SLEET   Charles C. HUME   Robert HUME   Margaret HUME   Lillian R. HUME   Oda HUME   Grace HUMES   Ernest E. HUMES   Izora HUMES   Dolly B. HUME   Nathan HUMES   Mabel HUMES   Daniel HUMES   William P. HUMES   Clarence A. HUMES   Martha O. HUME   Margaret HUMES   Sarah A.   Althea Marie HUME   William HUME   Ferdinand HUME   Mary Lizzie HUME   Margaret CALLEN   Richard C. HUME   William A. HUME   Hubbard HUME   Florence M. HUMES   William G. HUMES   Catherine C. HUMES   Dove SILENCE   Alma O.   William ANDERSON   Oswald Reay HUMES   HUME   HUME   Lola P. HUME   Chester R. HUME   Robert I, Count of Artois   Josephine HUME   Lottie M. HUME   Laura V. ASHDOWN   William HUMES   Emil KATZER   Laura KATZER   Charity HAGER   Robert Henry CHANDLER   Jerry Guy PURKEY   Annie B. WEBB   Elizabeth P. WATSON   Anne Louise WHITESCARVER   Thomas J. HUME   James O. HUME   Christine L. TOTMAN   Hattie   Wilburn HUME   Gussie HUME   James WATTS   Margaret ANDERSON   Gabriel HUME   Elizabeth MOORE   Matthew Allen SMITH   Orville A SUTHERLAND   Ted Roosevelt SCOTT   William Ross HAYDEN   Mary COLEY   John BEARD   David BALDWIN   David BEERS   Abigail   Mathew WOODRUFF   Mary   Roger NEWTON   Roger PROWSE   Robert PROWSE   George Alexander HUME, Jr.   Margaret   Patrick HOME, of Correquhormbi...   Patrick HEPBURN, 3rd Earl of B...   Leland Hubert PINGLETON   Earnest Heinrich Wilheim RATHE...   Elias Merrill WEEKS   Nina A. BEEBE   HUMES   George Sevald SANDERSON   Delavan H. MOORE   Dorcas CURTIS   David S. HUMES   Harold A. HUMES   John PAQUET   Jacob LUDWIG   Robert John ROWLAND   Carl M. GOLDINGER   Edna GOLDINGER   Emma Francis MARDEN   George HUME   Isabella M. HUME   James Henry HUME   Fern HAMILTON   Alice HUME   Elmer Kennedy HUMES   James Kenneth HUME   David HOME   Charles Gillanders HUME   Howard R. HUMES   Benjamin HUMES   Edward HUME   James Murray HUME   Francis Fergus HUME   Alexander LINDSAY   John SINCLAIR, Master of Caith...   Josephina Maria HUME   Thomas HUME   Rachel WALLACE   Mary Arabella HUME   Herbert HUMES   Mildred Bards DELANO   Thomas HUMES   William ANDERSON   Annie Edna HAYDEN   Mark LEICESTER   Willis Lewin (William) HEARN   Read GARLICK   William CRUME   John SINCLAIR, Master of Berri...   Agatha Mary POLE   Sidney Gerald BUTTRESS   Samuel Scott KIRKPATRICK / Mau...   / Dorcus Jane WALLACE   Gustav H HELMHOLZ / Marjorie B...   Vincent W CATRON / Inez Beatri...   Leo DESMONDS / Faye POOLE   Thomas LEFFINGWELL / Mary BUSH...   Mathew BARNES / Abigail DISBRO...   Green B. SMITH / Casander HUME   Robert HUME, of Kimmerghame / ...   James Henry HUME / Florence RE...   Reuben J SMITH / Nellie WILSTR...   / Laura WILSTROP   Robert Frank HUME / Ruby Arles...   Warren HUMES / Lucia V. BLANCH...   Jay Houghton MAISH / Dorothy L...   John C. DUFFEY / Druzilla WALL...   Earl Reed HUME / Mary Leona MC...   Rev. Joseph HOGG / Mary Ann Co...   Sydney Edward HUME / Grace Dor...   John Scott HUME / Miriam BARBE...