August 2020    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Elisabeth DE BOURBON   Rebecca WILLIAMS   Marvin P. PATTERSON   Sallie BRACKENRIDGE   John TRUMBULL   Virginia Lee ALLMAN   Thomas Prince GROCE   Edward SMITH   Pearl B ORKIES   Jenny V SMITH   Fannie May MOORE   Elizabeth Jane Grubb WHITESELL   Drusa POOLE   Lessie E POOLE   Pearly CORNETT   Rebecca POOLE   Glenn Lafayette POOLE   Daniel BUCKINGHAM   Townsend D. DICKINSON   Jacob WOLF   Joshua BROOKS   Sarah BALDWIN   Edward H. MCCORMACK   Jessie Mary Brown HOME   Annie Katherine HOME   Thomas A. RUSSELL   Katie A. AUSTERHOFF   Floyd COUCH   Mary Quintas HUME   John Stewart HUME   Orville RECK   John LOUDERBOUGH   Mary Jane HUME   Helen M. LUERY   Carrie SCHMADEL   Cathy Anne HUME   Thomas Jefferson STANTON, Jr.   Emogene(Emma) MUNGER   Mae S. SYLVESTER   Mary Josephine IDE   Charlotte Elsie WHEELER   Susan A. MAIN   Harriet Jane HUMES   Margaret A. HUME   Ernest Charles HUMES   Willis HUMES   Grace HUMES   HUME   Ida May NORRIS   William Harrison NORTHRUP, Jr.   Maude F. PASLAY   Felix N. HUMES   Nancy Ann MCLAUGHLIN   Alta M. GREEN   Anna Gertrude HUMES   Irene M. GIVEN   Zilpha L. WOOLSTRUM   Adelaide HUMES   Philip BEAMER   Dixie L. HUMES   Abby A. HUMES   Mabel Dell HUMES   Simon HUME   Caroline Turner Hume LANDFEAR   Annie HUMES   Franke E.   Bridget A. HUMES   Thompson HUMES   HUMES   Elizabeth H. KISTLER   Fannie Day HUME   Clara HUMES   Edward HUMES, Sr.   Laurence Russell HUMES   Rhoda A. BURNS   Clara RINEHART   Frederick M. HUME   Edith M. HUME   Lewis HUMES   Louisa A.   Edith HUME   John E. HUME   William Alvin HUME   Lillie B. HUMES   Edna S. HUMES   Effie OWENS   Caroline Elizabeth STORER   Leonard A. WEST   Mamie P. HUME   Eleanor E. HUME   John B. HUME   Ivanora Elizabeth WATSON   Samuel Cones HUME   Ruth A. GROVER   John Harden HUME   John DARLING   Sidney Charles HUME   Caroline E.   Gladdis C. HUME   Anna E. SHAW   Eliza E.   Charles HUME   Runyon C. HUMES   Nathaniel Dalrymple HOME   Vito SAVALLE   Bessie HUMES   Grant V. HUMES   George J. SIEGMAN   Anna MCCRACKEN   Warren Henry ROOT   James Nelson BROOKS   Allin V. BROOKS   Thomas Frederick HUME   HUME   Edwin B. HUME   James HUMES   Sophie L. HUME   Mary J. ADAMS   Sarah E. HUMES   Rupert Horace William PLEECE   Mary M. HUME   Edmund T. HUMES   Marguerite   Benjamin Granville HUME   John M. DARNALL   Sadie M. HUME   Lucy Fitzhugh HOLLIDAY   Annie   Harold E. HUME   Jane   Dinsmore W. HUME   Campbell MCCATHIE   Virginia ROBERTSON   William HUME   Charles Douglas HOME   Francis Wyville HOME   John Geoffrey Wyville HOME   Allison HUME   M. Irene GLAZE   Hazel T. HUME   Della J. HUME   Cyrus C. WATTS   John Joseph SCHROEDER   Harold F. BUTLER   Louis HEATHER   Llewellyn Stanley Howard GLANV...   John HOME   Joseph HOME, 10th of Ninewells   Margaret Elizabeth ELLIS   Frederick Lloyd SISSOM   William Stanton HUME   James Kenneth BROWN   Claude Duval ROSSÉ   Francis Murphy SPRINKEL   Clarence D FIELDER   Sarah PINCKNEY   James PRUDDEN   William DICKINSON   Margaret Anna SCHNUG   David DEMAREST   Mercy ALLEN   Elihu BALDWIN   Sarah BEARD   Sarah STREAM   George CLARK   Cleo SAVIDGE   Mary Lena LILLARD   Alexander Charles HOME   George HUME, of Humewood   Annie Jane HOME   Charles D. HUME   Clyde HUME   Henry HUME   Cathy Anne HUME   Florence HUMES   John Francis HUMES   Vernon Earl HUME   Archie LABELLE   Raymond Robinson HUME   Theresa YOUNG   Emile GONDRY   Olive Rosetta BLYSTONE   Edgar Junior "Ed" TILLMAN   Ella DUFFEY   Albin Joseph W. WRONEK   James Denver HUMES   Ralph O. ANDERSON   Arthur ANDERSON   Albert Newton MARVIN   George Esler MARVIN   Lillian Belle HUME   Fern KUIKEN   Harold Kenneth AGNER   Eber F. HUME   Sallie HUMES   Thompson HUMES   HUMES   Orlando HUME   Richard HUMES   William DOUGLAS   Charles Watkins HUME   Charles Edward HUME   Elizabeth HUMES   Mary Jane GALBREATH   Bethsheba HUME   Isabella HUME   Lynn C. PERCIVAL   John Lindsay HUME   George HUMES   Michael HUMES   Opal E. STEALEY   Nathan D.S. GERVAIS   John SPOTSWOOD   Elizabeth HOGG   Marjorie Gail MAIER   Arthur Henry WOOD   Ida Winifred Amera HOME   John Christian HOME   Margaret Frances HOME   Martha M. MCDADE   Mildred Blanche HOOD   Michael MEYER   Frederick Gerrard WILLIAMS   Henry WHITMORE /   Jared INGERSOLL / Hannah WHITI...   Frederick Wyville HOME / Sarah...   John C. DUFFEY / Satyra WAITE   William Armistead HUME / Matti...   Joseph Wayne HUME / Nola Viann...   James ARBUTHNOTT, of Kellie / ...   Major John LESLIE / Anna Maria...   Arthur Sinclair Vernon HUME / ...   Alexander HAMILTON, of Innerwi...   Andy FALDON / Annie Louise HUM...   Capt. John Douglas HUME, Merch...   James Robert HOPE / Charlotte ...   Llewellyn Stanley Howard GLANV...   Archibald Frederick J PEARCE /...   Nathaniel Shelton ?Nathan? J. ...   Norman Colton CRAGG / Agatha M...