March 2020    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
John Of Gaunt, Duke of Lancast...   Elizabeth C. HUME   Gussie B. HUME   Maria Colletta Elena BIRKBECK   Francis WITHINTON   William WITHINTON   Roy KRUM   Emily Annie HUME   Susan Asenia WILLETT   Robert Parker O'BRYAN   Eliza GREENE   Robert S. AKER   Michael SHULER   William D BURRIS   Orlin CORNETT   CORNETT   Naomi B POOLE   Jestin Samantha POOLE   Kerney H POOLE   Jonathan POOLE   Carrie   Elmeda FRANKLIN   Ida M. HUME   Nancy Montrose HUME   Anne BALDWIN   Abiah SMITH   John FOWLER   Charles E. BARRON   Jessie M. BARRON   David KESSLER   Anna Maria SCHNUG   Mercy BUSHNELL   Elizabeth BALDWIN   David MILES   Roger NEWTON   Obadiah WHEELER   Mary BRONSON   George STANTON   Max Wilbur HUME   John James HUME   Mayme SULLIVAN   Loula MOORE   William H. HUMES   Samantha HUME   Allen PERLEY   Halford B. HUME   Addison THOMPSON   Frank Adelbert HUMES   George W. HUMES   Louise HUME   Emma   Hazel P. HUMES   Eugene HUMES   Nelson Allen HUMES   Emma Harriett HUME   Helen Irene HUME   Emeline ANDREWS   George W. HUMES   Josephine F. PEASE   Daniel HUMES   Florence M. HUMES   James Barras HUMES   Levi L. HUMES   Lena R."Linnie" SHERWOOD   Gaylord R. HUME   Andrew Jackson HUMES   Ellinor GIVEN   Lettie KELLOGG   Elizabeth J."Lizzie"-Lupher LO...   Nellie M.   Elliot G. HUMES   Glenn Lauden HUME   Margaret-Mary M. HUMES   David Henry HUME   Herbert HUME   Edison HUME   Mary A. ANDERSON   Eunice B. HUME   Laura Belle MARTIN   Ellen"Nellie" Porter HUMES   Frank H. HUMES   Wilson HUMES   Mary Emily REYNOLDS   David HUME   Sadie HUMES   Ethel E. HUME   Inez Mae HUME   Charles F. HUMES   Bridget   Mary E.   Delmer HUMES   Mary A. HUME   Hester HUMES   Howard HUMES   Alban HUMES   Charles HUMES   Dan HUME   Margaret HUME   Lewis N. HUME   William S. HUMES   William W. HUMES   Docie E.   Rebecca Annie HUMES   Grace HUMES   Robert Roy HUME   Stella HUME   Anna M. HUME   Beulah HUME   Elizabeth HUME   Grissel HUME   Harriet Ann ARNOLD   Flora Clarissa GAY   Margaret SIMPSON   Miles Spencer HARDIN   Samuel HUME   George HUMES   Hannah M. HUMES   Isabel HAY   John Andrew HUMES   Rella M. HUMES   Inez HUMES   Nellie B. HUME   Marie HUME   Larkin HUME   Anna R.   Isabella HERN   HUME   Sally DURDEN   Nellie Beatrice HUME   Lena Lee HUME   Effie W. HUME   David Jefferson HUME   Sadie LINDGREN   David HUME   James Edward HUMES   Laura D. JAMES   Julia   Alma ROBERTS   Susan Grace GARDNER   Hilda KATZER   Nettie L.   George Edgar HUME   James G. HUME   Lydia B. HUME   Elizabeth HUME   Agnes HUME   Clara Jane DENTON   Thomas HUME   Everett GROW   Clara Jane DENTON   John Chandler HUME   Ruth FOX   Elmer L. THOMPSON   Mary Louise WITHINTON   Margaret Paulina SPRINKEL   Ferguson POOLE   Munsey Mitchell POOLE   Eldridge Jackson HALL   Lynette Jeanne HARTLEY   Charles H POOLE   Piety POOLE   Mary BROWN   Abigail FOWLER   Russell E. LINN   Helen LYNN   John PLUMB   Samuel TROWBRIDGE   Sarah BURWELL   Margaret CAMPBELL, of Cessnock   Max Wilbur HUME   H. Clay BEDFORD   Harriet Jean SMITH   Anne FRENCH   John HUME   Lorine COUCH   Linus CALDWELL   Emogene(Emma) MUNGER   Maude Edna RUSSELL   Jennie Maude HUMES   Gerald Francis HUMES   Edward William CARLSON   Fanny Iowa HUME   James G. HUMES   Mary Nora BUTZ   John HILL   Beauford A. MASON   Jesse L. HUMES   Joan Mary HUME   Jane Allison HUME   Elizabeth HUME   Leland HUME, II   Mary Alice HUME   Arthur HUME   Rowland POWNALL   Henry HUME   Anna Elizabeth ATKINS   Mary Eliza REED   Millicent Louise HUME   Elizabeth Booth ORME   Leslie Dudley HUME   Jack STEPHEN   Wilbur HUME   Robert HUME   Anna Maria HUME   Kenneth Meyers HUME   George HOME   Richard HUMES   Ernest Charles HUMES   Virginia MERCON   Victor HUME   Cornelia WOODS   Mary E. HUME   James Stewart HUME   Martha Ellen MACARTNEY   Harriet Julia CAMPBELL   Alice DALE   George HUME   George HUME, of Abbey St. Bath...   Capt. James PIGGOTT / Frances ...   Dr. Joseph Squires HUME / Sara...   John Brooks HUME / Grace Luell...   Charles Willard ELLIOTT /   Wiley M CORNETT / Casa   Elisha BREWER / Delila POOLE   David INGERSOLL / Mehitable BR...   John TANNER / Rebecca SPENCER   Job HUBBARD / Hannah S. BROOKS   Thomas MERWIN / Abigail CLAPHA...   John HUME / Margaret DRUMMOND   Theophilus HOWARD, 2nd Earl of...   Joseph C MALLISON / Sally WILS...   James BIERLY / Martha A. DUFFE...   David HUME / Janet JAMIESON   George DOUGLAS / Elizabeth DRU...   Dr. Matthew SINCLAIR / Margare...   George HUME / Elizabeth YOUNG