February 2020    
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Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
Patrick HOME, 1st Baronet of L...   John Champlin GARDNER, III   John HUME   Richard GAINES   George HOME, of Paxton And Bil...   James HOME, 2nd Earl of Home   Mary COLBY   Charles L TODD   Huldah Malinda HINES   Ernest Ware POOLE   Nell Louise RICHARDSON   John Wiley POOLE   Evaline BYRD   Mary FAY   Martha   Anna LENTHALL   Christian SCHNUG   Thomas SPENCER   John KENNARD   Mary BUTLER   Samuel EGGLESTON   Robert KERR, of Ancrum   Drewey Elmore HUME   Isabel STEWART   Frederick Wyville HOME   Robert HUME   Hume STURGEON   Henry William HAMMOND   John Leigh Charlton BRISCOE   Sherman Clifton HUME   Bessie B. HUMES   Lanson P. SHERWOOD   Gordon R. HUMES   Lora Ann HUMES   Edith Mabel HUMES   Caroline Almira HUME   Roy Winfield INMAN   Lillian Merle DEACON   Mary   Marie Antoinette "Nettie" SAHL...   Laura Elizabeth PASCHELL   Elizabeth(Betty) MACCALMONT   Renilde TILLEMANS   Leonard DOCTOR   Maria BERNARD   Harvey S. WOOLSTRUM   David SHARP   Roscoe ANDERSON   Martha Ann MARVIN   Dorothy Lucille HUME   Ward HINDS   Anne PURVES   Charles Porter HUMES   Mayes HUME   Bertha HUME   James Edwin HUMES, Jr.   Isobel Jessie HUME   Charles Francis HUME   Marion MCFADDEN   Thomas Levi HUME, III   Edna Earl MURPHY   Caroline POOL   Katherine HUME   David R. HUME   Minnie Fae GOBIN   William HUMES   Andrew HUME   Margaret B. CARSON   Nathaniel PORTER   Peter FRYE   Alison HOME   Mary HUME   Mary Ellen HUME   Annie Louise HUME   Alice Lucille NICHOLS   Fanny STROUD   Ethel Constance BAILY   Eugene E. HOWARD   Frank William HUME   Rhoda Grace M POLE   Norman Colton CRAGG   Archibald Frederick J PEARCE   James HALDANE   James KEDZIE   William Franklin WILFLEY   Catherine ELLIS   Majenta C. YOUNG   Lois POST   Cora T. VEALE   Henry C WITHINTON   Benjamin F SPALDING   Mary D SMITH   Regina SMITH   John W POOLE   Suffina Serephina SOUTH   Etter E POOLE   Roxanna POOLE   Mary Matilda WOODRING   Thomas Paul ENGLERT, Sr.   Calvin W RUSSELL   Mary KELLOGG   John ROGERS   Thomas KESSLER   Rachael GOODMAN   Margaret HURLBURT   Isaac KNELL   Nathaniel WHEELER   Thomas H. MCCORMACK   Bell STANTON   Susan MARTIN   Rachel BAILLIE   Isaac HILL   Hazel Eva HUME   Earl Ellis HUME   Reuben Taylor HUME   James H. HUME   Helena Rosa HOME   Annie L. HUME   Nancy Jane HUME   Rose Lee RUSSELL   Jewell Lorena RUSS   George Travers MACARTNEY   Merle HUME   Minnie SHEPARD   Sarah A. CRAWFORD   KNOX   Horace Catlett HUME, Sr.   Andrew Jackson STANTON   Merrill Garrett STANTON   Malinda DENHAM   Bettie BRAY   Martha Alice FORD   Charles O. PIERCE   Maria NICHOLS   James W. CRANSKA   Georgia HUME   Alson F. HUMES   Ethel G. HUMES   Anna Elizabeth DAVIS   Franklin Henry HUMES   Nellie S. HUMES   John HUMES   Millie NORTHRUP   Nora Bell HUMES   Willie DOUGLAS   Anna Barbara REB   Henri Joseph TILEMANS   Lyman P. HUMES   William F. HUMES   Robert HUMES   Clarence H. GIVEN   Dwight L. HUMES   Robert C. HUMES   Mary G.   Helen Elizabeth HUMES   Robert I. HUMES   Martha M. HUEY   Margaret HUME   Arthur Lewis HUME   Julia G. HUMES   Laura E. SMITH   Thomas HUMES, Jr.   Ethel Marion HUME   James Charles HUMES   Susan W. HUMES   Samuel HUMES   Joseph HUMES   Catherine HUME   Ella HUME   Raymund HUMES   Thomas Perry HUME   Stanley Harrison HUMES   Thomas W. HUME   Della M. HUME   Helen P. HUME   Vada HUME   Katie   Charles C. HUMES   Katie HUME   Edna HUME   John HUME   Sarah TABOR   James Murray HOME, 12th Laird ...   Elizabeth HUME   Lawrence E. HUME   HUME   Maggie L. COMBS   Delly Bell HUMES   John HUME   William "Willie" HUME   Ida B. BLISS   Robert John HUME   John S. HUME   Matilda Salina CLARK   Robert BAILLIE   Ruth SMITH   Robert D. HUME   Sallie H. HUME   Edna E. HUME   Raymond HUME   Walter E. HUME   Susan Matilda EGBERT   Lena HUME   Harry HUME   Semolie L. HUME   Walter D. HUME   Ida V. KATZER   Hazel A. HUME   Kingsley HUME   Vera L. HUME   Ernest JAMES   Samuel F. HUME, Jr.   Cornelia V LOHSE   Sarah Louise ELFERDINK   Edith Harriet WILLIAMS   Frederick V, King of Bohemia /...   James BRACKENRIDGE / Eve HOCKE...   Robert E Lee MONTGOMERY / Fran...   David SAGE / Elizabeth KIRBY   Dennison HUME / Elizabeth HUME   John William HUME / Lucille AL...   Johann Andreas(Andrew)-Keppel ...   Plummer S. PATTERSON / Mary I....   John EMERY / Margaret HUME   Russell Harrison HUMES / Lilli...   Hardy WADE / Virgia May HUME   James Alfred HUME / Rosalee T....   Oliver HUME / Sarah Frances CR...   Col. Robert HOME / Anne Joseph...   Pelham Maitland HOME / Irene M...   Frederick Christian Henry HOME...   Geoffrey Wyville HOME / Ethel ...