Gathering 2021 or 2022 Poll

The Clan Home Association invites members who are considering attending the next Clan Gathering in Berwickshire to indicate whether they would be more likely to attend a Gathering if it took place in 2021 or 2022.

The current plans are for a Gathering in September 2021 but because of the current epidemic of COVID 19 the Association thought it would be appropriate to take the views of those most likely to come to the Gathering whether they would prefer the Gathering to go ahead as planned or whether to put it back by a year to September 2022.

The Association hopes that the current epidemic will be brought fully under control in the next year and that a 2021 Gathering could be organised in a way that would be both safe and enjoyable for attendees. However, deferral for 12 months would obviously give more time for assessments to be made of the safest way to organise events such as these in the light of lessons learned in the interval. It would also allow more time for vaccines to be developed and made widely available.

Please could you give us your thoughts and indicate, by clicking the appropriate date below, which course of action you would prefer the Association to take.